When is the best time to host a webinar?

So, I’m going to be hosting free webinars every month on all sorts of different self-publishing, marketing, and branding topics. I’m kicking things off with “YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR BOOK: Building Your Brand as an Author” (GO SIGN UP! There are only 31 seats left!).

My primary concern when setting up this webinar, much more than OMG WHAT THE FUCK WILL I TALK ABOUT (because I can talk all day and night–talking is not my problem), was making sure that I scheduled it at a time when MOST people could make it and when most people PREFERRED to attend a webinar. I can’t tell you how often I want to attend a webinar, and it’s at some crazy obscure hour like 9pm EST on a Friday (WHO DOES THAT?This makes Anne angry). So I popped up on SurveyMonkey, created a questionnaire, and asked folks to weigh in. Here are the results, which I wanted to share so that no more douchecanoes schedule their webinars at 2am on a Sunday.

NOTE: This was a VERY BRIEF survey, open only for a few days. I wanted to get shit scheduled with the webinar quickly, so I didn’t let the survey go on forever. It got a total of 26 respondents, so it’s not the most scientific thing in the world. But the trends were pretty apparent and, ergo, worth taking into consideration and sharing, IMHO.

Here are the results:

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